Saab 900 / 9000 Classic Power seat motor With Memory and gear assembly 4054078 9695321 4110987 4111506

Vendor: Saab
Type: Seat parts

Saab Power seat Fix Kit Motor and gear assembly 40 54 078  /   96 95 321  /  4111506  

Up for sale is good used 900 power seat motor & gear assembly.  This unit is in good working condition.  This unit contains the potentiometer device that the memory seal module uses to tell the position of the seat - this unit is correct for power MEMORY seat cars!  These seats have 4 gearboxes, and 4 separate motors in them that do a variety of things!  Be sure you know what you need before you order.  Any one of the components listed here would cost several hundred at a dealership.  I have them listed at peanuts compared to new parts price...

This is a good used unit for sale here with a 30 day warranty. Some of these parts are no longer available from Saab!  Very Cheap in comparison to dealer list price!  

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