Saab 900 9000 classic Cruise Control Pedal Release Contact Switch TURBO SPG 9512294

Vendor: Saab
Type: Cruise switch
sold out!
Saab 900 / 9000 Cruise control Pedal Release Switch
Up for sale is a Good used, working saab 900 Cruise Control 

pedal release switch  - 9512294  Made in Germany, by Hella 

Check your original part number to be sure of proper fit.  Works fine and comes with a 30 day warranty. Please see diagram for the technical details.

This unit is typically found up above your brake pedal.  Manual transmission cars have one on the clutch as well (same exact part number)  This unit must hold vacuum and electrically have continuity when the pedal is in the not pushed down position.  As soon as you push the brake or clutch pedal down, it releases the vacuum (which instantly releases the vacuum diaphragm above the gas pedal) as well as breaking continuity electrically, telling the cruise control module to disengage the vacuum pump motor.  As soon as you are back off the brake or clutch, you can then re-set the cruise.
One of 3 typical problems with these units
-out of adjustment
-bad electrical contact
-bad vacuum holding
Any of these problems will cause the cruise to not work.

 Don't go around in your classic 900 with a non working cruise control system, there is a good chance this is an easy fix and you will have working cruise again! Thanks for looking and good luck!

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