Saab 900 9000 85 86 87 88 89 90 Power Window Switch pack 9501859 30526039 9501867 9526609

Vendor: Saab
Type: Switch
sold out!

Saab 900 / 9000 power Window switch PACK  95 01 859 30 526 039 95 01 867 95 26 609

Up for sale is a good working power window switch pack. This is OEM Equipment for 1985-1990 Saab 900 / 9000 models.  This unit has the individual switches, which can interchange with one-another.  If you have a single dead switch, you can replace just that switch!  What a concept!  Saab did away with this type of switch in 1991 so after that if you have a single dead switch, you have to replace the entire switch pack....  But!  if you have a pre 1991 Saab, and have a dead switch, you can replace just that one.  If you buy this switch pack from us, you can just replace the one, or replace the whole thing.  There are a few different ones in this pack being that it was from a 1988 5 door 9000 , defrost, sunroof, auto down (driver), left, right, passenger, and rear (2X) as well as the lockout!  Replace the individual switches on any 2 door, 3 door hatch, 5 door, etc.  Just keep your original switch plate, pop the switches in, and you are good to power window!  I have probably done this 3 times with my 1988 900- SPG!



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