SAAB 900 900-S Stainless steel Hub Cap Wheel hubcap 8987604 8972812

Vendor: Saab
Type: Center cap

Saab Stainless steel 15" hub cap 8987604 8972812

Up for sale is for 1 good used hubcap, Saab part number - 8987604 8972812  - 

Fits all Saab 15" steel wheels. - These are typically original to 900/900-S models, and are also common to find on ANY 900 up to 1993 which has steel wheels - these were at one time in the late 80's often sold as covers for winter wheel packages, for cars that had 15" aluminum summer tires, and 15" steel "winter tires"


- These things looks fantastic when all cleaned up, and since they are stainless, you can clean them up with light sandpaper or a scotchbright pad, - go with the natural grain, and they will look almost new again.  I have 8 of these at the moment, and doubt if I will ever get more.  They are not brand new, they are USED, but all are in better than average shape.


These units although they have rubber "feet" do not mount with a traditional hubcap ring, they are friction fit.  Because of this, the feet very frequently wear out, and then the caps fly off.  Easy fix?  Zip tie them onto your steel wheel in 2 spots per cap, and they stay on perfect then.


Very very rare caps here!!!!  ALERT!

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