Saab 900 / 9-3 BOSCH Anti Lock Brake ABS Electronic Control ECM ECU 0273004223

Vendor: Saab
Type: ECU
sold out!
Saab 900 / 9-3 Anti Lock Brake ABS Control ECU / Pump    0 273 004 223
Up for sale is a Saab 900 used - good working condition Saab 900 or 9-3 ABS Electronic unit ECU.  Check your Original BOSCH part number to know which unit to buy.
 This unit is extremely expensive to buy new ($1600) and a failure can potentially cause a whole host of brake system problems. Rumor has it (from one of my saab technician friends) that this fits most 9-3 / 900 models too back to 1994, however the EPC I haver does not agree. Your choice if you want to try that one. This unit is located in the engine bay, near the brake master cyl. It has a large electrical connector that plugs into it (the ECU portion) and 6 green coated brake lines. Unit is photographed upside down, brake lines plug into the opposite side & side of the unit. 

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