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Vendor: Saab
Type: Alternator Mount Bracket
Saab Classic 900 16 valve alternator mounting bracket 
Up for sale is a Saab 900 Alternator mounting bracket. This is very commonly broken by the frustrated mechanic when replacing an alternator on a 16 valve classic 900. At first glance, most mechanics think, "well, you must need to pull the damn motor to get the alternator out of this thing" Wrong! It's simple, The trick is to remove the AC compressor bolt, remove the one Allen head bolt on the left that holds the bracket to the engine block, and then tilt the bracket (alternator still installed) down. Never use anything but a dead blow a hammer on this bracket to get it to start tilting. Once it tilts, It is then a simple matter of extracting the lower bolt, and removing the alternator. 
Someone who knows how to do a C-900 alternator can do it in 10 minutes by this method, faster than most GM cars. Before these were NLA, they used to be over $120 from saab. Now your only option is to get one used. In any case, these are not easy to find and if you do, not something most people are even willing to take the time to remove for you... This fits 1985-1993 16 valve models, including 1994 convertible models. I would recommend changing the bushings too- which you can still get. I know if you are buying this, you are probably in a bit of a bind, so I will ship it out fast! Thanks for looking and good luck!

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