Saab 900 79-89 Upper Steering Shaft Column SPG Turbo

Vendor: Saab
Type: Upper Steering Shaft

Saab 900 Upper steering shaft / column Up for sale is a very nice Saab 900 Upper steering shaft & column assembly. This is in excellent functional condition, NO play what so ever. The typical failures on this column relate to the shaft itself or the bearings. The "crimp" for the collapse fails and the steering wheel will slide in and out. If the lower or upper bearings or bearing sleeves fail or start to wear, you start to get very annoying side to side / up down play in the steering wheel. 

This is not available from Saab as a complete assembly and many of the items in this column are now No longer available, and can only be gotten used. The steering shaft alone is nearly $200 from Saab, and the bearings (which you can't get anymore) are not available at any price, nor is the cage. If you could still buy all this from Saab, this unit would be over $780 new. Part numbers for some of the components in this assembly (but not all) are 4004768 8954315 8935025 8936163 8934952

I know C-900's, and this is a good working steering column. Everything is smooth & tight, and the bearings upper & lower are in good working condition. If you have annoying steering wheel play, this WILL fix it. If you are having trouble with steering wheel "sticking" , this is generally a problem with the lower steering shaft - this can still be purchased for around $350 from saab, though I can do better for a nice working used one- see my other auction for this.This is also useful if you have an airbag car (90-93 US models) with an airbag and wish to use an older non airbag wheel, such as a Saab-Sport or MOMO wheel. This would be necessary as the airbag wheel cars do not have a conventional horn ring, it uses a "clock spring" device which is not compatible with older steering wheels.

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