Saab 900 2.1 Liter Throttle Body For Trionic-5 Upgrades on Classic 900 Turbo Rare 787137 0280122001

Vendor: Saab
Type: Intake manifold

Up for sale is a good used Saab 2.1 Liter Throttle body, with 2.1 TSP 0 280 122 001
  This unit is very useful for several reasons.

1) if you have a defective throttle body on a 2.1 liter 900, this is specific to 91 92 93 non turbo, 2.1 Liter 900.  The control systems in these cars use LH Jetronic 2.4.2, and this throttle body is specific to this system, and will not interchange with any other.

2) if you are upgrading ANY classic Saab 900 to the Saab Trionic-5 Engine management system, This throttle body is the only direct bolt up unit you can use, that has the correct throttle position sensor (TPS) that is also compatible with trionic 5!  Please not, you can NOT simply bolt the 2.1 liter TPS to your original throttle body.  You MUST swap the entire unit, as the TPS alignment is different between the 2.

Note, that the throttle spool linkage is for a manual car, you can swap your original if you have an automatic, very easily.

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