Saab 90-91 900 SPG Turbo EGR Removal Kit ECU 0280000585

Vendor: Saab
Type: ECU
sold out!
tr Saab 900 16 valve turbo EGR removal kit 90-91 SPG Up for sale is a very nice 1990-1991 Saab 900 SPG EGR removal kit. This is the kit that the factory put out when they discontinued making EGR components for the C-900. At nearly $2000, not many people bought them... Trouble is, if you have a defective EGR system, and you simply remove it, you will have "tampered" with your emission control system, and most inspection stations if you are in an emission county will fail your car for the emission portion of your annual state inspection. Most of these cars originally equipped with EGR have shot control valves at this point and this will cause low power issues. In addition to this, unless you remove the check engine bulb, you will have a constant check engine light with the cars original ECU. Look at the sticker in your inner fender, you will see that the EGR system is listed under the emission system components. If they perform the visual inspection like they are supposed to do, the car WILL fail inspection.This kit addresses all of these issues, and with the included emission sticker, manifold plugs and control unit no one would ever be able to tell that they car was not originally a non EGR car - as it was intended to be. No trouble with inspection, nothing looks non original, no check engine lights. Last summer, I was at the saab owner convention in Colorado, and there was a very nice example of a 91 SPG that sold at auction for over $5000. After looking the car over and finding an improper EGR delete (no replacement sticker, no check engine light at start up, which indicates a removed bulb), I would say the buyer paid about $2000 too much, as these kits are nearly impossible to find. Look this kit over, it is excellent. I used the ECU about 5 times for testing purposes over the years, but beyond that it's just sat on the shelf for a few years since I picked it up in Sweden. If you have a nice un-converted 90 or 91 SPG, this kit should be considered worth it's weight in gold.

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