Saab 9-5 HEAD LIGHT Xenon Center of Gravity Level Sensor Rear 5409529 12783354 83504591 5287057

Vendor: Saab
Type: Head Light
Saab 9-5 rear center of gravity sensor - 5409529 12783354 83504591 5287057

Up for Sale is a good used Saab 9-5 xenon headlight center of gravity sensor.  If the little headlight pictogram is on in your gauge cluster, this is the 1st thing you should check.  Your xenon / HID car is equipped with 2 of these sensors, one on the front control arm (between the body and the arm) and one on the rear control arm.  The HID control unit uses these 2 sensors to aim the headlights based on the load and pitch of the car.  If these units are broken, the headlights usually just point at the ground.  These units can be frequently physically broken by any number of things, as they are pretty low to the ground and pretty fragile.  This is a good used original equipment unit removed from a crash damaged car.
I will give a 30 day warranty with this unit!  Saab lists these units at over $420 per unit, and the link-arm is separate (it's included here) - so this is a great deal.


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