Saab 9-5 9-3 Turbo SE Aero Leather automatic Shift shifter cover 4580684 4777108 4580692

Vendor: Saab
Type: Shifter
sold out!

Saab 9-5 automatic leather shifter.  Good condition.  Fits 900 Automatic, 94-98, as well as all 9-5's from 99-02, and all 9-5's from 99 to 09.  Good used condition.  

This unit is no longer available from Saab!  Good used condition.  Leather surface is in better condition than 90% of these that I have seen.  almost no wear, no holes, leather is very nice, and solid black, used but real nice.  - the leather shifter parts are not no longer available and before they were, were quite expensive!  If you need any shifter parts, this might be the cheapest way to get them, and you get a nice leather shifter!  These are fairly easy to change.

Happy days!

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