Saab 9-3 93 9-5 95 TWICE module with matching key and ignition tumbler 5262704

Vendor: Saab
Type: Twice
sold out!

Saab 9-3 / 93 Twice Control Module/Unit with one key.

One of 2 things go wrong with these.  Water damage, OR you have lost all your keys.  You go to the authorized Saab service thinking that for $100 or so you can just buy a replacement key for your car.  Wrong!  They want over $1000 for you to be able to start your car.  This is because there is no master database for these twice units.  if you lose all your keys, you must replace the control module and the key + tumbler as a set.  These control modules are very expensive to buy new.


What I have for sale here is a matched set, key ignition tumbler, key & chip, and twice module.  This is the expensive part of the "lost all keys" problem with the Saabs.  With this set, you can install these 3 parts and your car will run again.  You will still need to either have a locksmith re-key your door (a hundred bucks or so) or, purchase a "Saab banana remote" - Shown here and have that programed for your car.  Any authorized Saab service facility can do this for about $60.  At that point, doing either of these things you will be able to lock, unlock your car, and start it up.  This unit itself does need to be programmed for your car, however, this is no great expense.  Buying a good matched twice key and tumbler basically saved you basically $1000 on this repair.

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