Range Rover classic Wabco ABS Pressure switch & Hydraulic pump assembly 4155010120

Vendor: Land Rover
Type: Computer
sold out!

Land rover Ranger rover V8 Anti Lock brake Hydraulic pump & pressure switch


Up for sale is a Working, in working condition Land rover Range rover ABS hydraulic brake booster pump & pressure switch assembly.

This should fit most 90-95 range rovers equipped with ABS.  This unit, if bad, will cause VERY high pedal effort.  If the pressure switch is bad, it will cause the pump to not run, and you will have 1/10th your normal braking power.  If the pump itself is bad, but the pressure switch is good, you will have the same problem, about 1/10th your normal braking power.  This would make the truck almost undriveable. These 2 units alone are almost $2000 if you had to buy them new.  This is a good used unit containing both the pump and pressure switch, with a 30 day warranty.


 This comes with a 30 day warranty. These units are very hard to find good used!

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