Range Rover classic Driver Side FRONT door handle in Chrome 87-95

Vendor: Land Rover
Type: Door handle
sold out!

Up for sale is a FRONT Driver door exterior Range rover classic Outside door handle --- this is THE hard one to find, the one that most frequently snaps off-  This is chrome.  I opened and closed this door several times, it is fully functional.  These units (as you probably know) have a tendency of snapping off.  Your original key tumbler will drop right into this unit - it's one clip, and your original one is in there.

This is a just the driver door handle.  It is not brand new, but fully functional.  I had a 94 RRC myself, and it stinks having to crawl over your center console to get in!  NOT classy.  FIX it for a hundo, and get back into that range rover all wood class!



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