Porsche 944 968 Fuel Tank Sending Unit 944 641 037 01 Fuel Gas Gauge Fuel Tank Sender float VDO

Vendor: Porsche
Type: sender
sold out!

Porsche / VDO  Fuel Gauge Sending unit 


Up for sale is one Good working 944 fuel gauge sender. These very commonly fall apart and drop their silver section into the tank causing loss of fuel gauge function. - sometimes they simply get "stuck" from sitting around, as old gas will gel in the tank, and get into these senders.  Once this happens, you need to replace the sender as they can not be cleaned internally..  Usually they will read nothing but empty, though sometimes the gauge or low fuel light may flicker a bit.  This is the round terminal type connection, with 3 pins, and 2 pickup hoses.  Please check yours to make sure it is the same, as there are some other variants of these units.

This is a good working unit used, Removed from a recent rust-out car, which still had a very clean tank! Comes with a 30 day functionality warranty.  save yourself about 80% over the new part price here!

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