81 82 Porsche 924 Electronic Ignition / Idle Stabilization EIS Control Unit 477906083

Vendor: Porsche
Type: Ignition Control
sold out!

Porsche EIS Control unit 477 906 083 

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Up for sale is a OEM Porsche EIS module. See the part numbers at the top. Should fit SOME 81-82 924 non turbo models, but as always your best bet is to match up the part number with the one you are trying to replace. I only sell the OEM units, never aftermarket so they are the same quality as your original. This module used to list for over $600 from Porsche when you could still get them 10+ years ago... this is listed at merely a fraction of the old dealer price. These are usually quite reliable, however they can be easily damaged by voltage spikes caused by improper type spark plugs, very worn spark plugs, or a faulty alternator. If this unit is faulty you will either have a no-start or a random cutting off condition. These are only getting harder to find as these cars get older, and this is an excellent value! These are also always a good item to carry as an extra in the car everywhere you go, as a defective unit can potentially stop the car from running. Thanks for looking!

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