Old style Mercedes W123 Blower Motor Heater Fan 300d 240D Bosch 3137020001 / Bosch 3137 020 001

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: Blower Motor
sold out!
Mercedes W123 OLD STYLE Climate control Blower Motor Up for sale is a good used blower motor out of a Mercedes w123 1978 240d sedan, it will fit early W123 models like the 240D 300TD 300D 280E 220E 280TE 230E. This will fit some pre 1981 model W123 cars, but not all - you need to check and see if this is the fan you have, as some of the early manual climate control cars or those with aftermarket Air conditioning take a different type of fan. - there are 3 different types of these.  This will NEVER fit 1982-85 model year cars I am pretty sure this is an original unit, - it has been tested, and works great. I even checked it's waveform, and it's still quite nice. A "dirty" waveform will indicate worn brushes or a high load due to worn bearings. This is nice and quiet and powerful. excellent low cost alternative to overpriced new units. This unit is EASY to change for the DYI mechanic, or have your mechanic do it. 10 minute job. This unit should offer many more years of dependable service. Any M-B fans I sell come with a 60 day functionality warranty. If an any point during the 60 days after you purchase the fan it stops working, send it back and I will get another one to you. M-B part number - 1238201642 Please compare the price & warranty of this unit to the price & warranty of a NEW unit. The Warranty is about the same & the price is about 1/5 the price of a dealer replacement unit! You can't go wrong with this.

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