Nissan Pickup Truck Hardbody 86 1986 1986.5 ECU ECM Engine Computer MECS G001 30

Vendor: Nissan
Type: ECU

Nissan ECU 1986.5 23710-12G00 MECSG001 Engine Control Computer 

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Nissan hardbody Pickup ECU PCM. RARE ECU ALERT! This one is hard to find. Should fit some 1986.5-1987 models - those with TRUCK (D21) Z24i (4 cyl engine) (2WD) & a manual transmission + Cal emission. perhaps others as well. See part numbers at the top of the listing. - . 

This unit offers a 30 day functionality warranty. Nissan "electrojection" is a pretty reliable system, but ECU failures are well known, and these units are NLA from NISSAN. Before they went NLA, they were nearly $900!As always with this type of component your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your original ECU. Located under the passenger seat. A faulty ECU is one of the most common no start or random stalling problems with these cars. These can also cause issues with erroneous check engine lights, idle control problems as well as emission control & cold or hot start problems. I have also seen fuel pump relay turn on faults (ECU won't turn on the fuel pump), as well as an condition where the high speed injector driver has failed. This causes the car to sit and idle fine, but it won't accelerate.If your car does not have these issues but you intend to keep it a while, I recommend our customers keep an extra ECU in the trunk. These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new for big $$ (often times over $1000!), and you can never find one when you need one. Even now finding a good one second hand is getting to be quite difficult as these cars get older.

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