Nissan Frontier Pick Up truck / Xterra Instrument dimmer switch Lighting Dash Board Light Rheostat 25980 9Z400 / 25980 8J000

Vendor: Nissan
Type: Switch
sold out!

Nissan Frontier Pick Up truck / X terra Instrument dimmer switch 259809Z400 OR 259808J000 - both will interchange.


Up for sale is a good functional Nissan Pick Up Truck / Xterra Dash dimmer switch. This is the unit that dims the gauge cluster lights, located to the left and down of the gauge cluster. These are reasonable easy to exchange.  Check your original part number. There are several variants of these dimmers used throughout the years.  My list shows this will fit 2000-2004 - however you should STILL check your original part number.
Pop it out, and plug in the new one. Please compare the picture of this unit with your original.  I have tested this unit for correct resistance with an ohm meter and it works properly through it's working range. It will come to you as seen. this good used unit is less than 1/2 the new part price!  Keep your Truck going!

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