Mitsubishi Montero mass air flow sensor meter E5T01371 3.0 v6

Vendor: Mitsubishi
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter
sold out!

Mitsubishi manufactured MAF sensor Up for sale is a Good working mitsubishi Montero AMM / MAF. Fits many models that use Mitsubishi components. - check the part number on your original. These are located inside your airbox if you have this type of meter. These are very expensive to buy new. A faulty air flow meter may cause a whole host of problems, including lean or rich running which will cause overheating or excess smoke, failed emission test, low power output, no-start, random no-start, Match your original part number -- this unit is -- E5T01371 The other number stamped is a date code. -- Match this with your original. unit is used and is fully runtested in an actual car - works well! I bad AMM can cause a lean running condition, lopy idle, a no start, runs but has no power, random stalling, or any other strange running conditions. This unit looks to be pretty recent, in very nice physical condition. This is CHEAP compared to new or rebuilt, even at wholesale prices!

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