Mercedes W140 Climate Control Blower Motor fan BEHR 1408300508 9434450056 With Resistor

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: Blower Motor

Mercedes Blower Motor 140 830 05 08   94 344 50 056 9140010099  9 140 010 099


Up for sale is a good used tested used blower motor out of a Wercedes 1995 S600, it will fit all w140 models. This was a relatively low mileage car at 92,000 that was a recent crash damage insurance total.  Some models these fit is-  S500 S320 S420 300SE 500SE 300SD S600 and more.

it has been tested, and works great. I even checked it's waveform, and it's still nice and clean.  


excellent low cost alternative to overpriced new unit OR china-man aftermarket unit. Get yourself a bargain here!Also, keep on the look out for cheap china made replacement units! I installed one on a customer car for them (at their request) and it started smoking a week later and died. Stick with a genuine BEHR unit! You are far better off with good used BEHR fans then a NEW aftermarket unit! Buy from me, and this is what you'll get.Comes with a 60 day functionality warranty! If it does bad on you, simply send it back to us, and will will ship you a replacement unit, no cost to you. This is about as good as a new replacement parts warranty!Last time I priced them, the correct BEHR units were now over $460! from M-B USA. This unit is EASY to change for the DYI mechanic, or have your mechanic do it. 5 to 15 minute job. This unit should offer many more years of dependable service.

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