Mercedes S430 S500 W220 0580000011 0001403785 Emission Smog SAI Pump Secondary Air Injection Motor P0410 Check Engine code BOSCH

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: SAI Pump

Mercedes V6 SAI electric Air Injection pump A 000 140 37 85  /  0 850 000 011 / A0001403785


Up for sale is a good functional Bosch SAI pump.  This pump runs for about 45 seconds when the car starts in order to accelerate the combustion process and speed the warm up of the cat converter. , If defective, Typically you will notice no drivability problems, however you will get a check engine light, and a P0410 code, which will cause you to fail a state inspection.


These units are over $400 from Mercedes!  Buy a good used one from us, for 1/3 the price.  Fix your P0410 code!  once repaired, and a drive-cycle complete this will make the car "emissions ready" and pass your state inspection.




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