Mercedes R107 W123 450SL 450SLC 380SL 300TD 380SLC 280SL 350SL Climate Control A/C Heater Control Valve Servo Motor SL SLC 0008300684 0008300384

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: Climate Control
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Mercedes climate control servo motor 




w107  & W116 450SL , 350SEL 350SL 380SL  300SD , 300D ,  300TD , 450SEL 280SE 280CE 280SL 450SLC 380SLC

Up for sale is this Mercedes Servo motor.  This is the updated design, which uses stronger aluminum body than the original units (it's painted black, but it IS aluminum).  good used unit from a customer car of ours.  I think it was installed for all of 3 years, and probably 1500 miles...  I seem to recall her paying $750 for the unit!  I am asking LESS than 1/2 that.  This unit is designed to work with the early automatic climate control, you will find in many pre 1982 Mercedes cars.

 This unit controls the temperature door, coolant flow, (hot, warm and AC) as well as the airflow output position (dash, foot, defrost)  as well as the recirculate function.  The original plastic units frequently crack and leak, causing coolant loss and possibly overheating.

Part number is - 000 830 06 84  000 830 03 84  Again, this is a good Fully functional unit.  I almost never use the term "like new" - but this is pretty close.  No corrosion on the outlets, no cracks, working perfectly.  I will give a 60 day satisfaction guarantee on this unit.  Typically you also need to replace the amplifier (located behind the glove box) with these systems also.  If the unit does not function replace this too.  They are reasonably inexpensive.  Please see the following video-

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