Mercedes E320 E430 Bosch Electronic ABS / Chassis / Throttle ECU ECM 0255456332 98 99 00 01 02 03

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: ECU

Mercedes Control unit -

0255456332  /  025 545 63 32  /   0265109408   /   0 265 109 408



Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Mercedes Throttle / Idle & Cruise ABS, Chassis control module . . Check the part number off your original.May fit even many models/years, but as always your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your ECU. This unit controls the electronic throttle housing in these cars, and can cause all sorts of problems, things related to cruise control, idle control, ASR and throttle control issues are all fair game. This is especially true if you have had wiring faults related to defective throttle body wiring which is a very typical problem in these cars. Note, this must be cured first before you try installing a new computer, or you will just smoke this one as well. Usually if you have any codes related to throttle control, this should be one of the primary things loked at. These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new, list price is OVER $2500! Not here... You probably won't find one cheaper anywhere. This comes with a 30 day gaurantee.

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