89 90 91 92 93 MAZDA B2600i Pickup Truck Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter G601 E5T50371

Vendor: The Rest
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter

Mazda Truck Mass Air Flow Meter E5T50371 / G6010X31 / G601 0X31 Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Mazda pickup Air Flow Sensor. Should fit many BUT NOT ALL 89-93 models with the 2.6 Liter motor. perhaps others as well. See part numbers at the top of the listing, and MAKE SURE YOUR NUMBER MATCHES. Unit has been tested & physically inspected & This unit offers a 30 day functionality warranty. As always with this type of component your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your original unit. A faulty air flow meter is one of the most common no start or random stalling problems with these cars. These can also cause issues with erroneous check engine lights, idle control problems as well as emission control & cold or hot start problems. A defective unit may also cause issues with lean or rich running, which can cause lack of power, pinging, smoke or overheating.This unit is listed at a bargain price compared to a new unit! Buy a good used unit here for about 1/5 the price of a new unit.

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