LUCAS Jaguar XJ6 Series III & II Power Sunroof Motor assembly # 78613 78569D

Vendor: Jaguar
Type: Sunroof Motor

Jaguar LUCAS Power sunroof motor 78613 78569D  - My list shows, this fits 82 83 84 85 86 87 XJ-6 sedan with the power roof. 

Up for sale is a Jaguar Power Sunroof Motor. A-1 Condition. This has been runtested and given a "check up". A very common failure for this unit is a broken idler gear (internal to the unit), or a stripped cable drive gear (this is under the metal plate). If the units screws works their way out (which is very common), this greatly accelerates the wear on the gears... This unit is in great shape! minimal wear on the cable gear and none on the internal idler gear. This one should be good for a while! These are very hard to find in this sort of good condition, and you know exactly what you are getting with this one.


The dealer list for these is over $500 (Check, it's true!), and most discount parts places either won't have them or can't do much better than dealer list, as this is made by LUCAS, and they set the price. This unit is located in the trunk and runs the roof on a set of cable drives. The jag power sunroofs are very very reliable except for this motor. If you are starting to have trouble opening or closing of your power sun shine roof this is almost always the problem. Thanks for looking and good luck!

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