Land Rover / Range Rover Classic / Disco-1 Exterior Door handle Assembly Set - Chrome finish, all 4

Vendor: Land Rover
Type: Door handle
sold out!

Up for sale is a full set of Land Rover range rover classic Outside door handle set.  This is Original equipment for all range rover classic, US model land rovers, and is compatible with the Discovery 1, all models. - however Disco 1's originally have black handles!  These are chrome - so you would want to replace all 4 for them to match.  This set is used, it came off of a 1995 range rover classic, I went around and opened and closed each door several times, and they are good working units.  The "pot metal" handles show no cracks, return springs work, studs are good.  Drop your original key tumblers in these, (one C-clip for the fronts) Bolt on affair, no messing around..


This is a set of 4 - you can easily use your original lock mechanisms with these, they go right in.   As I'm sure you know, Very frequently these snap off, and prevent you from being able to get into your rover!  One of my friends has been climbing over his center console in his 94 RRC short wheel base for over a year now due to a total failure of his driver door handle!  haha.  Conditionally these are real nice, however there is one small defect.  One of the rear door handles in this set has a single stud broken off.  It seemed to be securely mounted with just one and fully functional, however if this concerns you it likely would be easy to extract and replace, or if you have good rear handles still (which is typical) you can just not use that one.  I just wanted to mention this.



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