Kiekert Land Rover Range Rover Classic PRC 7921 Central Door Locking Module 4050 5300 Power Lock

Vendor: Land Rover
Type: Central Locking
RRC Central Locking ECU 
Up for sale is an Working, in excellent condition Range rover classic Central Locking ECU Relay. This will work in many RRC's with Central Locking. - check the part number off your original to verify for fitment!   Tested, and working, this unit should last you for years. I will warranty this unit to function for 30 days after purchase.  Failures of this unit can occur if you are having problems with a door lock binding.  If the central lock control unit trys to lock a door, but can't for some reason, it will try to lock anyway and these control units can fail before the fuse blows.   
A faulty unit can be noted by central locks that randomly do not work, only work when it's wet, cold humid or when you hit bumps. I have also seen some that just "go off" when ever they please, locking and un-locking the doors when ever they feel like it. You can try re-soldering and repairing your old one, that sometimes works but replacing it with a known good one is a lot less effort. These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers for big $$ if you want a NEW one, and finding one second hand is becoming a chore. Get a good working one here and now for cheap!

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