Jaguar XJ6 XJ40 XJS classic ABS Pressure switch & Hydraulic pump motor & Accumulator assembly Driver Side 88 89 90 91 92 93 94

Vendor: Jaguar
Type: Hydraulic pump

Jaguar Anti Lock brake Hydraulic pump motor, pressure switch, and accumulator.


Up for sale is a Working, ABS hydraulic brake booster pump & pressure switch assembly with accumulator ball.

Known to fit 1988-1994 models where this unit is on the DRIVER side.  You can not interchange passenger side and driver side mount units, as your HOOD will not close fully if you use a passenger side unit on the driver side or vice verse.   Passenger side version is sold in another listing!  Please search our website.
1988 and 1989 had a different accumulator ball, but should interchange with this unit no problem.

This unit, if bad (pump does not run), will cause VERY high pedal effort.  If the pressure switch is bad, it will cause the pump to not run, and you will have 1/10th your normal braking power and a very hard brake pedal.  If the pump itself is bad, but the pressure switch is good, you will have the same problem, about 1/10th your normal braking power and a very hard pedal.  This would make the car almost undriveable. These 2 units alone are almost $2000 if you had to buy them new.  This is a good used unit containing both the pump and pressure switch and accumulator, with a 30 day warranty.





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