Jaguar XJ40 1988-89 XJ6 Headlight Switch assembly VDP fascia headlights blinker rotary switches 90283137 issue 03 / 902 81419 04

Vendor: Jaguar
Type: ECU

Nice Jaguar XJ40 fascia circuit board in good used condition with two flat switches plus rotary side dimmer switch, just taken carefully from an 89 that got sideswiped. 

This one has a green connector, i.e. MK78390.  Since pinouts varied over the years, I encourage buyers to see if the part they are replacing has those numbers. Even if it doesn't may still work as some connectors have no numbers at all.  Exact unit pictured that you will receive! study your original if you are in question as to if this is right.

This should work for XJ6s from 1988 and 1989, perhaps some in early 1990 as well, after which a center switch for foglights or lower lights was apparently added. There is a separate ad for the three switch version that applies to 1990-1994. Then in mid 1994 there was a transition toward what later became not XJ40 but rather X300 cars, and the fascia for that period (again offered separately) has a blue connector.

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