Geo Metro Tracker Suzuki sidekick Dash Board Light Dimmer Rheostat Switch For Dash Lighting

Vendor: Geo
Type: Switch
sold out!

Geo Metro / Suzuki Swift Tracker / Sidekick Dash light dimmer switch 

Up for sale is a good functional Geo /Chevy Metro / Pontiac Firefly / Suzuki Swift Dash dimmer switch. - there are 2 types of this unit, one metal case, and one plastic.  This is the metal one.
This is the unit that dims the gauge cluster lights, located to the left of the gauge cluster. These are reasonable easy to exchange. Pop it out, and plug in the new one.  Take a look at the picture to be sure if this is right for your car.  Good used unit from a recent crash damaged car - comes with a 30 day warranty.  I have tested this unit for correct resistance with an ohm meter and it works properly through it's working range.  Do NONE of your dash lights not work, or do they flicker when you try to adjust the brightness, or only work on full bright, or only occasionally when you fiddle with the dimmer switch?  All of these are signs of a possibly defective dimmer switch. It will come to you as seen. These are starting to be hard to find in good working condition, $122 list from GM, 1/4 that here. Bargain alert!!! Keep your classic Suzuki going.

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