Copy of Volvo 850 960 Primary Headlight Relay Controller Green 3523200

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Relay
Volvo headlight controller relay  35 23 200
   /   895166000  /  89 51 66 000 
Up for sale is a volvo Headlight controller relay. This is the primary cause of non working headlights volvos. the pins on the relay can become burnt or the internal points or springs wear out. This will commonly cause no or intermittent function in one or more exterior lights. If your headlights are not working properly, yet your bulbs are just fine, this is 9/10 times the problem. This unit was checked and tested and is functioning normally. Part number on this relay is 895165000 / 3545466 . this is also a good part to keep as an extra, as it can go bad at any time! they are well over $200 now at the dealer... Check your old unit to verify that you have the correct one, as there are several types I have several listed which will fit almost all 240 740 760 940 780 850 and 960.

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