Saab Classic 900 Turbo Trionic 5 ECU Conversion package - includes wiring harness, sensors, etc.

Vendor: Saab
Type: ECU

Up for sale is a Saab Trionic Conversion package.  This includes MUCH of what you need, parts wise to do the trionic conversion to any 16 valve classic 900.


You get with this package-

-Complete main engine harness, removed from a 1999 Saab 9-3 with pigtails on everything you will need to connect to. Saab 4946836

-Idle Air Control Valve 0280140544

-Bosch Trionic injectors 0280150431

-Intake Air Temp Sensor 9174442

-Bosch Crank Sensor 0261210030

-Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor 9132374

-Purge valve Bosch 0280142301

-1999 Saab 9-3 stainless fuel rail & 3 bar fuel pressure regulator (can be modified to work in classic 900)

-Bosch Throttle Position Sensor 0280122014 (requires throttle body from a 2.1 Liter classic 900 to fit properly)

-Negative temperature coefficient NTC NCT sensor

-Saab Trionic Wiring diagram


You will still need-


-  Bosch Oxygen sensor, front

- a Trionic 5 ECU (we can supply at extra cost)

- a Trionic 5 or 7 boost pressure control valve (we can supply at extra cost)

- a trionic 5 Direct ignition cassette.   (we can supply at extra cost)

- To extend the wires on the harness for the IAT sensor, the TPS, and the idle control valve, as these are in a different location Vs the 99 9-3.

- To set up a simply relay box to interface with your cars ignition & fuse box to get constant power (+30) power when cranking & running (+15) and power only when running (+54) to the appropriate feeds in this trionic harness to power everything.  - I can provide a basic 900 to 9-3 harness diagram, which might be helpful for your relay box construction.  You can make this by either buying a pair of relay holders & bosch relays (we can provide) - or build one using a classic 900 ABS relay box ( we can provide this too)

- to install everything!

- to modify your knee bolster, and remove the stock ECU bracket to allow for fitment of the T5 ECU.  This harness will JUST fit into a classic 900, and the ECU will fit in the stock location however, you will need to route it a bit tighter, everywhere, as it's about 1' shorter than the standard LH Jetronic harness that's coming out.  The harness runs over the valve cover (just a little) and the ECU ends up needing to sit just about as high up as it can inside the car and you can secure it by screwing it directly to your bulkhead rather than using the original ECU bracket, but it DOES fit.  I have done 2 of these myself now, and although it is kind of cramped, it fits just fine.

- A method by which you are mounting your crank sensor to a reluctor wheel, or a machined 60-2 fly wheel. now sells a 60-2 flywheel kit that will work on manual transmission classic 900's for this purpose, and I would highly recommend it.  Once installed, it is a done deal, you will always have a good crank sensor signal.  If you want to mount this sensor with the stock reluctor wheel on the crank pulley, you can often times get in on group buys on for the kit to do this, If you have an automatic classic 900 as I do this is the method you must use!  If you go with the crank pulley method rather than the flywheel method, you will not be able to have air conditioning.

-Basic, perhaps slightly more than basic automotive electrical know how

The manual shown in the picture - it is NOT included, however I will include the control unit wiring diagram, which is the most valuable piece of info in this manual - and I would highly recommend that you buy the whole thing.

-Your Saab classic 900 Bentley manual.


As for as ECU programing goes, we can help you there too if you need it.  We can send you a nice "base tune" which can get your classic running REAL nice at about 15 PSI.  We can also make you one with a significant amount more than this if you wish...  You need to e-mail us to tell us what you want.  We can deactivate the rear o2 sensor, deactivate the purge valve functionality, disable the tank pressure sensor, or make it so that you can run the trionic 7 BPC valves, which are MUCH cheaper, and more reliable then the T5 valves.  We can also enable OBD2 functionality (just add the OBD2 port- see your wire diagram) which is a very handy thing to have!


If this all sounds too complicated, I would direct you to speak to  He makes ready made plug & play trionic harnesses for the classic 900, I have seen them myself, and they are top quality.  You should however note, that they are NOT cheap and do not come with sensors, etc.  Going this route will probably cost close to 1K all said & done.  If you want to do some wrenching yourself, what I have here will make a "self made trionic" saab a whole lot easier.  If you are local to us, We can do the conversion for you.  Let us know!


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