BMW E34 E39 Land Rover Idle Control Valve 0280140532

Vendor: BMW
Type: Idle Control Valve
Bosch BMW / Land Rover Discovery II Idle control valve Up for sale is a Very nice Bosch Idle control valve. This valve fits many Cars. My fitment list shows this should fit most-99-04 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY II 1994 - 1995 BMW 530i Wagon (E34)1995 BMW 540i 4DR (E34) 1995 BMW 530i 4DR (E34) 1994 BMW 740i 4DR (E32) 1994 BMW 740iL 4DR (E32)1996 - 1998 BMW 540i 4DR (E39) 1995 - 1998 BMW 740iL 4DR (E38) 1995 - 1998 BMW 740i 4DR (E38) 4.0L and 4.4L 1996 - 1998 BMW M3 2DR (E36) T shaped idle valve 1999 - 2005 BMW M5 4DR (E39) 2000 - 2003 BMW Z3 M3.2 Roadster (E36)2003 BMW Z3 M3.2 Coupe (E36) 2000 - 2005 BMW M3 2DR (E46) 2000 - 2005 BMW M3 CONV (E46) 2005 BMW Z8 Roadster (E52) Please check the Bosch part number off of your old unit to be sure this is correct for your car, as there are several different types used even among this range. These often get "stuck" at the hot idle position which will cause the car not to idle when ever it's cold, but perfectly fine when warm. some other faults can be noted by a very lumpy idle, or a car that idles extremely fast almost all the time except when cold. These are great to keep as a spare too, they are over $650 at most dealers. This unit is USED but came off of a properly running car. It was cleaned and tested for proper function and will work properly upon receipt. I will only sell AIC's that are clean and have been runtested. Thanks for looking! This unit comes with a 30 day functionality warranty from ePartsland.

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