BMW E23 745i Turbo Engine Computer Unit ECU ECM 0280001124 L-Jetronic

Vendor: BMW
Type: ECU

L-Jetronic BOSCH ECU L-Jet  0 280 001 124

This unit was removed from a crash damaged 1984 745 turbo in the late 80's and had sat on the shelf of one of my friends whom had one of these cars well into the 2000's  Well that car is long gone now too - rusted to bits, so someone should have this whom can potentially use it.  It was a rare part then, and it even more rare now.  There are a few of these cars left out there!  If you have one, and do not have one of these as a spare, you should!  This one was kept in dry storage and probably has less than 50K of road use on it.  Looks like "new"

We offer a 30 day warranty on this.

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