BMW Air mass meter 0280203011 E12 E24 E23 633csi 528i

Vendor: BMW
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter
Jetronic/Motronic BOSCH Air flow sensor meter L-JetUp for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Vintage BMW air flow meter , Bosch part number (0280203011) 0 280 203 011 . This Airflow meter should fit mostBMW 5 [E 12] 127 KW/171 PS 09.1979 -1981 2.8 literBMW 6 [E 24] 132 KW/179 PS 09.1979 -1981 3.2 literBMW 7 [E 23] 132 KW/179 PS 09.1979 -1981 3,2 literNote that the flow meter can be tested electrically by attaching the leads of an ohmmeter to the proper terminals and measuring the resistance offered by the air flow meter as the flap is moved through its travel. The DME/ECU uses the data supplied by the air flow meter to help determine how much fuel to inject. The air flow meter is basically a fancy variable resistor. There is a flap inside that deflects in relation to how much air is entering the engine. This flap is attached to a wiper arm which wipes across a resistive track. The ECU sends a fixed voltage signal to the air flow meter. As the flap opens, the electrical resistance of the air flow meter increases, giving the DME/ECU a measurement of how much air is entering the engine. It should be quite clear why the proper functioning of this unit is so very critical.As always your best bet is to match the part numbers with the part you need. This is one of the most common poor running or non running problems with these L-jet ECU cars. This is a VERY hard to find component as most of these cars were gone long ago, making finding a good used one hard and a new one even harder. If yours does not have this problem, keep an extra unit in the trunk, you might some day be glad you did... These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new for big $$ (often times over $1000!), and finding a good one second hand is getting to be a very difficult chore. We offer a 30 day warranty on this.

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