BMW E28 E30 3 and 5 series AFM Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor Bosch 0280202031 Engine M20B20

Vendor: BMW
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter
sold out!

Bmw E28 E30 3 5 series AFM Air Flow Meter Bosch 13621284407 Engine M20B20 12844079

Up for sale is this Bosch BMW Air flow meter / sensor.  Part number 0 280 202 031  - Genuine Bmw used part

Removed from a recent crash damaged E30 euro model that still ran well.

Fully tested before removal

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I will give a 30 day warranty with this unit.  A bad AMM can cause a lean running condition, loopy idle, no start, runs but has no power, random stalling, or any other strange running conditions.   This is listed at about 1/8 what they cost from Bosch.  A quick check on these units which may indicate a defect?  Make sure the meter door sweeps throughout it's range freely, while slightly increasing tension as you open the door.  If there is un even resistance or sticking, your meter is BAD.

Part 13621284407 (Volume air flow sensor) was found on the following vehicles:

E28: Details on E28
E28 520i Saloon, Europe

E30: Details on E30
E30 320i 4 doors, Europe
E30 320i 2 doors, Europe
E30 323i 2 doors, Europe
E30 323i 4 doors, Europe

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