Audi Ur Coupe Quattro ECU ECM Engine Control Unit Unit/North America/Computer 035905383B Hitachi MAC-02 - tuned

Vendor: Audi
Type: ECU
sold out!

Audi UR Coupe Quattro ECU

035 905 383B Hitachi MAC02  383-B


Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Audi UR Coupe ECU.  This unit came out of an old Audi.VW race shop who's owner had recently passed away.  I know not much about it, however I can say it is in good clean internal condition, and likely has not been in a car for the last 20 years.  The unit appears to have the Daughter board (not sure if this is stock) and the main Eprom chip is socketed, and has a modified chip installed. Yes, this unit is "chipped", but I have no idea what program is in this unit.  It's probably either something by Abt or "intended acceleration" - those old Audi Tuners.  If I had to guess, I would imagine this was probably intended to be used with a higher capacity wastegate spring, and possibly other goodies...


I have a tune & a wastegate spring on my personal 1989 Audi 200, and the old 10 valve cars can fly!

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