Audi S4 S6 Turbo 5cyl Direct Ignition cassette Coil Pack 034103722A 0040180002 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

Vendor: Audi
Type: Ignition Control
Audi 5 cyl Turbo Direct ignition   034 103 722A   0 040 180 002
Up for sale is a Audi S4 / S6 Ignition unit.  This unit was removed from a recent crash damaged car, which ran well. I noticed AFTER removal that this unit can be un plugged further down the harness.  I thought the coils could be un plugged individually.  They can't.  Whoops!  In order to use this, you will have to splice it (crimp or solder) it into your defective coils harness, then plug into your MAIN harness.  Not a huge deal at all, these are not shielded wires, there are only about 7? wires - but I wanted to mention this!
Again, this car ran well, and was crash damaged insurance total.  Includes everything you see here.  Rare unit!

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