Audi S4 100 TCU Transmission Control Module 097927731BH

Vendor: Audi
Type: TCU
VW Transmission ECU Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition VW Automatic Transmission ECU. Hella No.: 5DG006962-16 or 5DG 006 962-16 VW/Audi No.: 097927731 or 097927731 BH or 097 927 731 BH , The letter code is on the silver sticker on the metal part of the ECU. My list shows that it fits some S4 & 100, as well as 80 and 90 models. Your best bet is to match the part numbers with the part you need. Often times a fault with the TCU can mimic the symptoms of a broken transmission. Don't replace that transmission when it might just be the much cheaper transmission controller. These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new for big $$ (often times over $800!), and finding a good one second hand is getting to be a very hard chore. A faulty TCU can potentially cause a host of shifting issues that may appear as though it's a transmission issue, however it's just as likely that there is a computer issue.

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