Alfa Romeo Milano V6 Ignition Control Module 0227100111

Vendor: Volkswagen
Type: Ignition Control
sold out!
87-88 Alfa Romeo Milano 3.0 or 2.5 Liter Ignition Control Amplifier 0227100111 for L-Jetronic system cars. Up for sale is a good working BOSCH ignition amplifier. This works with many non turbo as well as turbo V6 applications. Bosh Part number listed at top Check the part number off your original to be sure if this is right for your car. - Note, this is a good used original bosch unit from a crash damaged car!These generally last around 150,000 before a failure, but when it does fail it will prevent the car from starting. If you have spark from the coil but no, weak or intermittent spark at the spark plugs, this is often times your problem. This is the device that "hears" the hall sensor in the distributor or the crank sensor, fires the spark plugs and tells the ECU, "we are good to go, turn on the fuel pump and start working!" Generally if there is a problem with the ignition system on old BOSCH ignition cars it's either this unit or the wiring to the hall sensor or CPS or crank sensor that goes bad. These are fairly easy to replace, and they are over $480 from the dealer for an OEM Bosch unit. Get the part you need here for cheap! Thanks for looking! Please note that the aluminum bracket does not come with the unit, you just need to attach the module to your original.

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