Alfa Romeo 75 Milano 3.0 L Euro Model Non cat Engine Computer ECU ECM 0280001133 / 0 280 001 133

Vendor: Alfa Romeo
Type: ECU
Alfa Romeo 75 / Milano L-Jetronic Electronic Control unit

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Milano ECU. My list shows this fits all of the 3.0 liter models imported to the European market with the 3.0 liter non cat converter. - This would be the "Milano Verde" models in the US which translates to "Green". There were only approximately 900! of these imported to the US in their entire run, so if you need one of these units, you are probably not going to find another one of these anywhere. Alfa enthuriasts hoard these parts. These are located on passenger side floor under the carpet Pull up the metal panel under that, and you have it. This euro model unit should directly interchange with the 0280001134, so long as you have removed your cat.  You should see a 10 HP bump in power...

 This unit offers a 30 day functionality warranty. A faulty ECU is one of the most common no start or random stalling & low power problems with these cars. These can also cause issues with erroneous check engine lights as well as emission control malfunctions & cold or hot start problems. If your car does not have these issues but you intend to keep it a while, I recommend our customers keep an extra ECU in the trunk. These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new for big $$ (often times over $1000!), and you can never find the right one when you need one. Even now finding a good one second hand is getting to be quite difficult as these cars get older. This unit is used, and is in good working condition. Comes with a 30 day functionality warranty.

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