97 Dodge NEON Engine ECU Computer 04606580AD 2.0 AT

Vendor: Dodge
Type: ECU
97 Dodge / Plymouth NEON engine ECU Up for Sale is a Working, in excellent condition dodge / plymouth engine ECU. My list shows this works with 97 Neon 2.0L AUTO 50 State emission, NORM SPD. RATED TIRES (which means it has a maximum speed limiter, 112 MPH)Part number listed at the top or in the large pictures. Check the part number to be sure this is right for your car. If you priced one of these new, you probably ran away screaming... Mine is a bargain price. Unit is in good working condition., removed from a recent crash damaged car. This unit was runtested & is functional, and offers a 30 day warranty. Please be sure to double check the part number off your original unit before buying. A defective unit is one of the most common no start or random stalling problems with these trucks. They can also be the cause of erroneous check engine lights, cold or hot start problems, or idle control malfunctions. If yours does not have problems, keep an extra ECU in the trunk, you might some day be glad you did... These units are very expensive to buy new. Thanks for looking!

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