95-03 Mazda Millenia S 2.3L Miller Cycle Supercharger Assembly IHI

Vendor: IHI
Type: Supercharger
sold out!

Mazda Millenia S Supercharger

Up for sale is a good used Millenia S Supercharger assembly.   This unit removed from a recent crash damaged car (rear ended) - intake track and intercoolers were clean and free of oil, supercharger spins freely with no abnormal noise or play, supercharger blades are clean and free from damage.  This one should be good for a while!  These units are a lot of work to replace, so make sure you get a good one if you are going to undertake a replacement operation.  I personally saw this car run, and while it was crashed and 1/2 of everything else was broke, the supercharger did not smoke.


I will give a 30 day warranty on this unit.


Unlike most superchargers, these units are fed oil supply from the engine rather than having their own reservoir of "supercharger oil" - therefor it is of critical importance that the oil feed be clean and that the engine it is going on contains no sludge build up.  The feed to this unit is about the size of pin hole, and frequently these units fail due to oil feed blockage.  If you have a bad supercharger, it also might be a good idea to do a motor flush before replacing this unit to eliminate any potential sludge build up, which can block oil supply to this unit, also be sure the oil feed to the supercharger is not plugged, or you will be doing this job again! 

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