92 Saab 9000-Turbo DI-APC ECU Engine Computer 9108531

Vendor: Saab
Type: ECU
sold out!
92 Automatic Saab 9000-Turbo Direct Ignition Control unit ECU Up for sale is a Working used, in excellent condition 92 Automatic Saab 9000-Turbo Direct Ignition Control unit ECU. Part number-- 91 08 531 . This is original to 1992 9000 16 valve turbo automatic cars. These used to be available new at a cost of about $500 , however in the past few years they went NLA. These are now very hard to find! If you have a defective unit, you may have, no-spark (no running), throttle control problems, misfireing, or intermittent issues that come and go. Even if you don't have these issues, if you are keeping your 92 9000-T for a while, better have an extra one of these on hand, along with the Jetronic unit (which I also have!)Be sure to check the part number off your original unit. This is on the side of the unit, on the little silver tag you can hardly read. Look closely, you will see it there.This is a good working unit from a saab customer car that had the "typical" north-east 9000 rust-outs at the rear shock towers on both sides. Car still ran fine when we removed this unit. I will warranty this for 30 days after purchase. This is an exceptionally hard to find unit!Buy this now for 1/5 the OEM Saab price.Thanks for looking and good luck!

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