92 93 Nissan 300ZX Automatic Transmission Control Unit TCU TCM A64 000 M61 / 31036 45P00

Vendor: Nissan
Type: TCM
sold out!

Nissan 300ZX  TCU

Up for sale is a Working, condition Nissan 300ZX Transmission control module.  This was removed from a recent crash damaged car.  

A64000M61   /    3103645P00


Unit comes with a 30 day functionality warranty! This Control unit came out of a 92,

 As always your best bet is to match the part numbers with the part on your original unit. These are located under the board where the passenger feat are.  Often times a fault with the TCU can mimic the symptoms of a faulty transmission. Don't replace that transmission when it might just be the electronic transmission controller. A faulty TCU can potentially cause a host of shifting & gear-change issues that may appear as though it's a transmission issue, however it's just as likely that there is a computer issue with TCU controlled cars. The price of a NEW TCU usually ranges between $1000 and $3000. Buy this from me for a small fraction of the new part price.

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