89 Subaru XT XT6 Headlight Wiper Climate Defrost Signal Hazard Switch Control With Cruise.

Vendor: Subaru
Type: Switch

Subaru XT6 center stack of controls

Up for sale is this Subaru XT6 center control stack.  If you have an XT or XT6, you know this control group is one of the cars best features.  

This was removed from a fully optioned 1989 Subaru XT6 that was recently rear-end crash damaged.  Almost all the switch's are populated The only issue with this is that the slider for the intermittent wipers is missing it's button.  It is in the max intermittent position. If you have a button, I think you can just pop it on but I wanted to mention this.

This unit contains all the following buttons-

Cruise control 

Dimmer switch

Headlight Switch

Turn signal switch

Hazard switch

Heater / AC Climate controls

Horn / steering wheel contact ring

Wiper Switch

Defrost Switch

and more...  This is a package deal.  Professionally removed, no cut wires.


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