3M One Step Synthetic Cleaner wax 39006 16oz

Vendor: Car Care Products
Type: Cleaner Wax
3M one step cleaner wax Through my dealer connection, we were able to acquire a significant quantity of high quality professional grade 3M products. Now, we can pass some of the savings on to you! Check the MSRP for this 16oz bottle of 3M cleaner wax- this is a great deal on just about the best automotive cleaner waxes you can possible buy. This cleaner wax is used by the professionals , and is excellent for removing light scratches and swirl marks, while also maintaining protective wax. Excellent for weathered & lightly scratched / swirled finished where more than just wax is needed to bring it back to a shine.I have personally used this cleaner wax on a 23 year old oxidized non clear coat car (Finished off with 3M performance finish), and brought it to a shine better than most NEW cars. Simply amazing. The advantage this wax gives the professionals is what makes the difference. Now, this is available to the average consumer, and at a significant savings. Buy this and see why it just looks better after the professionals have had it. It's the 3M!Check other prices, retail and internet. unless you buy bulk and are a dealer, I beat them all.

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