1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee 4 Door Master Power Window Driver Switch 56009461AC

Vendor: Jeep
Type: Switch
sold out!

Jeep Cherokee 4 door power Window switch PACK  original equipment 


 Up for sale is a good working power window switch pack. This is OEM Equipment for 97 98 99 00 01 4 door cars, with the power window option & power side mirrors.
 This is a very nice unit, cosmetically and functionally! good used unit, removed from a recent crash damaged car & tested for function before removal- fully functional.  These units frequently go bad in a manner that causes non-function of the other switch-packs in the car, continuous or intermittently. the failure is typically related to the lock-out switch, but eventually causes in operational windows all around..  This unit comes with a 60 day warranty.
 Another thing to note with these cherokees!  They have frequent door wiring issues (inside the rubber boot that goes to the doors) where wiring breaks and causes non opperational power windows & speakers.  You should check this too if you are having window or speaker issues with your Cherokee.  If you have dead door speakers your windows probably won't work pretty soon either.

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