03-07 Nissan Titan Automatic Transmission Control TCM

Vendor: Nissan
Type: TCM
sold out!
Nissan Titan TCU Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Nissan Titan TCM. A58-000 X48 / A58000X48 CONTROL A58 000 X48 / A58000X48 TCM TCU ECU COMPUTER Unit comes with a 30 day functionality warranty! This Control unit came out of a 07, At this price buy it and throw it on the shelf if you plan to drive one of these fine cars for a while, or if you are in need now you probably won't beat this price. As always your best bet is to match the part numbers with the part on your original unit. These are located under the dash, near the center of the car.Often times a fault with the TCU can mimic the symptoms of a faulty transmission. Don't replace that transmission when it might just be the electronic transmission controller. A faulty TCU can potentially cause a host of shifting & gear-change issues that may appear as though it's a transmission issue, however it's just as likely that there is a computer issue with TCU controlled cars. The price of a NEW TCU usually ranges between $1000 and $3000. Buy this from me for a small fraction of the new part price.

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